Highly Trained – Well Equipped – Strategically Deployed


Connecting with policy makers is more difficult than ever. Today’s legislators are less experienced and more ideologically driven than their predecessors. Policy issues are are more complex requiring more sophisticated and subsequently more difficult to communicate than they were just a generation ago. The skyrocketing cost of running campaigns makes it exceedingly difficult if not impossible to distinguish your message form the dozens of others being thrown at legislators everyday.

Action Factory’s Elite Advocate program can differentiate the messaging of your agenda than that of your competition. Once trained and deployed, AF Elite Advocates act as force multipliers for your existing government affairs resources. 

  • Data analytics to identify likely participants.
  • Develop recruiting process and methodology.
  • Develop and clarify expectations.
  • Pressure test, troubleshoot and tweak processes.
  • Develop training curriculum.
  • Conduct offsite training retreat.
  • Deploy proprietary management application. AF Connect.
  • Produce custom training materials.
  • Review and follow-up as necessary.