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For years consultants, authors and executives have loudly proclaimed to anyone who will listen that WE ARE IN SALES now. I’ve found this to be especially true in the world of association and small business. With so many voices, mine included, unanimously agreeing that we in fact we are in sales now, I have one question. They why don’t we act like it?


One big reason that halted our transformation is the lingering perception that sales is at best distasteful and at worst unethical. Thanks Blake.

While I agree that the perception of what a sales person is has been a huge deterrent, I think there is a more fundamental and simpler reason.  We simply don’t know how.

Both as it related to selling my own services and helping clients to do the same I have learned a ton about sales.  Much of it was not terribly surprising or particularly insightful.  The one thing that did come through crystal clear was that sales people are different.  They see the world in terms of prospects and next steps.  They collect contacts and relationships the way others enthusiastically hunt down antiques or classic car parts.  They are extremely competitive and they understand that metric matter.

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