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Action Factory – Page 4 – Transforming ideas into actions

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Everyone wants MORE.  MORE contributors, MORE activists, MORE productivity and ultimately MORE influence. But How?

Associations and Corporations turn to Action Factory when they have had it with ineffective and impersonal outreach programs and are serious about developing high-touch and advocacy programs that just work.
Action Factory’s 4 module methodology can help make your members and employee advocacy programs a competitive edge.

What & Why?

What are you trying to do and why are you trying to do it?

This questions may sound simple, even academic. Trust us, it isn’t. Many advocacy programs fail because they didn’t clearly define the goal as well as the reasons that goal is important.

Let’s raise more money. Great, how much? What will we do with it and how do we expect it to benefit us?

Let’s get our members “more engaged”. Great, what exactly does that mean and what kind of impact or end-state are we expecting as a result?


GREAT! You’re crystal clear about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Now what?

When it comes to advocacy, fundraising and over, very few association members or company employees are interested. In fact, the vast majority are going to be intensely uninterested. Regardless of the industry, geography or level of education, 20% is the highest amount of participation you can expect. The good news, however, is that this 20% is actually very interested in politics and WANTS to get involved.


OK, so we know what we’re doing and why. We know who we are going to be doing it with. Now HOW are we going to get it all done?

What tools will you use to manage, keep outreach activities aligned with goals and measure progress? A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? SalesForce.com? Another one of the literally thousands of programs and services out there claiming to be the solution to all your data and project management woes?


Fantastic, you’ve got it all up and running and have been humming along for several months now.

But elections are coming up so you have to start screening candidates, you’ve got budget meetings to attend, the communications person quit and now you have to do his work as well. It won’t hurt if you put the advocacy stuff on the back-shelf for a few months will it?

Without a doubt the most disruptive factor for any advocacy program is time and the apathy that often comes with it.

Our retreat facilitation and coaching services help you uncover and clearly articulate the largest opportunities as well as the most disruptive problems facing your organization.

From there we help you decide WHAT to do WHY the selected steps are important. What do you expect your world to look like if we’re successful.

We help our clients find that 20% through a variety of data mining and analysis techniques.

We have the technical expertise to build custom dashboards and other management data and task management tools or integrate our data with your existing platform.

Just like any kind of change, initial success is often following by disruptive and demoralizing backsliding.

We have been through this process dozens of times and can help you push through the down times and establish a “new normal” for your advocacy efforts.