Identifying goals? Developing buy-in for strategic initiatives? Addressing staff accountability?  These are all topics that can be challenging and uncomfortable for small firms and non-profits to address and are consequently avoided at all costs. After all, difficult conversations are, well, difficult.

Regardless of how awkward or uncomfortable they are, for organizations that are growing or want to grow, addressing these difficult topics is not only important, it is vital.  However, if not handled carefully and skillfully, clumsily discussing sensitive subjects can and often does make things worse.

Our structured retreat and facilitation services walk small workgroups through these and other challenging topics in a productive solution-centric environment.


Big Data.  Analytics.  Micro Targeting.  These management buzzwords are often used but infrequently fully understood, and even less frequently implemented successfully.  When it comes to data analysis, we take a KISS approach.  More sophisticated organizations can and should implement data strategies with dozens of unique data points may be helpful for more sophisticated organizations.  However, if you’re just getting started it’s important to walk before you run.  We’ve found that just a handful of points such as voting and contribution are more than enough to help associations and non-profits to more effectively target their outreach efforts.


For many organizations, developing strategic plans can be a frustrating and daunting prospect.  Over the years, our experience has shown that non-profit and public affairs organizations tend to make the same mistakes when it comes to planning.  Here are a few of the most common.

  • They try to make a plan before they understand their mission.

  • They spend too much time writing unnecessary detail.

  • They fail to get adequate buy-in from staff and other stakeholders.

  • They fail to thoroughly integrate the plan over long-term.

Our light-weight planning services provide for the rapid yet thorough development of strategic plans and timelines that are typically only a few pages in length.


So we’ve identified the problem, we’ve analyzed the data and we’ve made a plan.  Now it’s time for put that plan into action.  As the old saying goes the right tool for the right job.  We have the experience to develop custom software solutions or to integrate existing or new off-the-shelf products.


Getting everyone on the same page can seem daunting.  Keeping them there can appear downright impossible. Retreats and facilitated discussions can be a lot of fun.  You got out of the office, you don’t have to worry about being in charge.  Yet so many times new management techniques team building tactics learned at these sessions don’t even survive the drive home from the conference center.  Our ongoing integration services help to reinforce and fully integrate what as learned so your organization can experience real growth.