Lauren LaRose
Central Committee, Ohio

“The two-day organizational development retreat Action Factory did for our team was amazing! It was well planned, insightful and most importantly it was actionable. We came away with concrete deliverables for specific next steps to help us achieve our goals.”

“As a former sales professional, I have been to a LOT of trainings and facilitated discussions. None of them can hold a candle to the two days we spent working with Sam and Action Factory. Now that I am more focused on politics and public affairs, Action Factory’s training was a great tune-up.”


Joe Murray
Wisconsin Realtors Assoc.

“Every time I get a report from them, I’m blown away by the amount of useful information contained.  I usually have the report in one hand and the phone in the other.”

We’ve been working with Action Factory for about 5 years now and I couldn’t be happier.  Their data analysis product helped us raise significantly more for our PAC. Any political organization interested in raising more money for their PAC or identifying more activist members would be crazy not to work with Action Factory”


Bobby Kovey
Credo Company

“Sam has the keen ability to take seemingly complicated problems and projects and whittle them down to the next critical step.  I enjoy the time we spend planning and problem solving together.  I always come away feeling more energized and hopeful.

“The depth of experience Sam brings to the table is impactful.  His technical acumen helps me quickly evaluate products and services I’m considering.  And, his project management background helps me create aggressive plans while understanding what is required of me or my team. ”


Dan Engemann
Missouri Soybean Assoc.

“Working with Action Factory was great.  The data they provided us was very insightful and the facilitated discussions helped us uncover and focus on some key areas”

“Just as important was the interface they created for us to access our data.  It was easy to use and integrated our organizational goals and helped hold us accountable.  Additionally, Sam took the time with every member of my team to make sure they were comfortable and the system was working for them.”


Shane Kinne
Missouri Corn Growers Assoc.

“Since working with Action Factory we are now much more equipped to focus our outreach and fundraising efforts on only those members that are interested. “

“The data analysis has really helped find people who really want to participate in advocacy.  Additionally, the easy-to-use interface they developed, keeps our outreach goals literally right in front of us.  As a manager, it has made my job a lot easier”


Frank LaRose
State Senator, Ohio

The retreat was great, but what has really made the different is the follow-up and integration services.  Action Factory not only helped us uncover our critical goals but has been running right along side us to help us stay focused on them. I love working with Sam.  He has a very intentional approach that stays focus on the problem, not the person.

“Additionally, Sam Gedert is a man with an innate talent for building a team and motivating them to get things done. His genuine compassion for others and authentic blend of energy and skill make him that rare type of leader who others want to follow.  This paired with his decades of political and private-sector experience make him a valuable player for any organization lucky enough to have him on board.”